New Paper from the #iCruise Study: FEMMEPHOBIA

New paper just dropped!

This new publication on femmephobia from the #iCruise project is being published in The Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality, and is currently available for advance access at the link below!

“I wouldn’t say that I’m overly campy”: The socio-cultural subjugation of femininity within gay socio-sexual applications

Femmephobia, or the socio-cultural regulation of femininity, is common within GBQ online socio-sexual applications, yet more research is needed to analyze the different ways femmephobia takes place within GBQ socio-sexual applications predominately used by GBQ men. This study analyzes qualitative data from semi-structured interviews with 79 participants who described their experiences using socio-sexual applications and interacting with online outreach and health information workers. Participants described the different ways femmephobia and the regulation of femininity manifests within GBQ socio-sexual applications and how such forms of regulation relate to self-presentation and the privileging of masculinity within GBQ socio-sexual applications. Participants further described how femmephobia and the denigration of femininity intersected with anti-Asian racism online.