The Investigaytors Collage (with Melanie Schambach)

On April 4, prior to our program break, the 5th Investigaytors cohort worked with social artist Melanie Schambach to create a collage of arts-based reflections around the themes of their research questions for their CBRC Knowledge Product.

The participatory art process was guided by the themes that shaped the Investigaytors’ research such as loneliness, social isolation, and community disconnect as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on mental health (specifically in relation to 2SLGBTQ+ communities). Prior to the art-making, the Investigaytors looked at data related to these themes and talked about what they saw with each other and the Mentorship team. The collage features collectively-written haikus, outlines of the Investigaytors in various poses, drawn art, and individual photo collages.